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    Photos pretty consistent, largely on the corg content of australian seagrass habitats that took into account the other side of things than anything. Autism, diagnostic categories and demonic possession. Paper presented at the Fifth International Conference in Qualitative Research on Mental Health, (QRMH5). The only thing missing was lying in each other's arms. If you see this and so choose to reply put your instrument of choice in the subject line.

    Updating jscript intellisense ze

    If youobject refers to a table in the have to fetch data from multipledatastore. NET architecture doesnt include client side cursor and server sidesuch cursors. 10 You cannot send multiple You can send multiple transactions transactions using a singleusing a single connection instance. it makes it easier to use.2They have file (Xml They do not do error checking at Schema definition) file the design time as they are filled at associated with them and do run time when the code executes. used to edit or select or delete or insert a data.4. What is the difference between a custom control and a user control? No User Control Custom Control 1Is a file with the extension Is a file with the extension 2Can be only used with the Can be used in any number ofapplication applications 3Language dependent They are language independent, acontrolcreated in c# can be used in 4Cannot be added to Visual studio Can be added to Visual studio Toolbox12. NET is the codecontains the text boxes and thethat is written on various events ofcontrols that can be dragged text boxes and controls to makeand dropped into a web form. 5View state used to persist Session state used to persist thepage-instance-specific data. 2View State is implemented by Control State works even whenusing Enable View State Enable View State is off.property of a control to true. But state of the entire page can be maintainedbyafeature35. Framework will hand over the request to the corresponding route Handler.17 Query string are used as small URLS formats drive the inputs to inputs to the pagesthe requests.Hence you cantables, then datareader is notmanipulate on multiple tables advantageous when compared tousing a dataset.dataset. error checking regarding their schema at design time using the definitions.3We will get advantage of We cannot get an advantage of intelli Sense in VS. 2Is a reference to an existing Can be created empty and then Data Table. Toolbox5Inherits from Server controls and We have to develop from scratch , easy to create so comparativelydifficult6Generally used for static content Used when dynamic content isrequired 5. To use Control State (for example in a custom control) we have to override On Init method,call Register Requires Control State method in On Init method and then override the Save Control State and Load Control State methods. Model Binders6Every Page is inherited from Every Page is inherited from System. You can also havequerystrings18 Related Pages are separated Related Views are written under by folder controller.Brackets is a lightweight, yet powerful, modern text editor. Make changes to CSS and HTML and you'll instantly see those changes on screen. We blend visual tools into the editor so you get the right amount of help when you want it without getting in the way of your creative process. Also see where your CSS selector is being applied in the browser by simply putting your cursor on it. NET Framework 3.5, supports building Web services in partial-trust situations like a typical shared-hosting environment. NET Framework 3.5, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) now supports building Web services that can be exposed using any number of the Internet standard protocols, such as SOAP, RSS, JSON, POX and more.Whether you are building an AJAX application that uses JSON, providing syndication of your data via RSS, or building a standard SOAP Web service, WCF makes it easy to create your endpoints, and now, with . Clone() copies thestructure and datastructure of the Data Set, includingall Data Table schemas, relations,2. What are the differences between Record Set and Data Set? No Record Set Data Set1Record Set provides data of one Data Set is a data structure which row at an instantrepresents the complete table dataat the same time2Record Set always needs an Data Set needs connection only for Open connection to read theretrieving the data. Locking feature is not available.4Data is stored in binary format. 255 bytes length is fine, because some older browser may not support more than that.2. Difference between User Controls and Master Pages S. Contentplaceholder and thismakes it somewhat difficult inproviding proper layout andalignment for large designs.5 Suitable for small designs(Ex: More suitable for large designs(ex:logout button on every .aspxdefining the complete layout ofpage.)page)6 Register Tag is added when Master Page File attribute is addedwe drag and drop a user in the Page directive of the .aspxcontrol onto the when a Master Page isreferenced in page.7 Can be attached dynamically Can be referenced usingusing Load Control Web. Pre Init event is not by writing code in Pre Init event.26. Because, Rebuildcleans Solution to delete any intermediate and output files, leaving only the project andcomponent files, from which new instances of the intermediate and output files can then bebuilt.5. It means, you can pass the object (Model) to the view page from the controller.8Has lot of inbuilt Controls that We cannot use the ASP. controls because they dontsupport the View State and Postback.

    Hello, this project is amazing, I really enjoyed it, Congratulations!

    NET Framework 3.5, the process of building SQL queries using error-prone string manipulation is a thing of the past. NET Framework 3.5, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) now supports building Web services that can be exposed using any number of the Internet standard protocols, such as SOAP, RSS, JSON, POX and more.

    LINQ makes your relational data queries a first-class language construct in C# and Visual Basic, complete with compiler and Intellisense support. NET Linq Data Source control allows you to easily use LINQ to filter, order and group data that can then be bound to any of the data visualization controls like the List View and Grid View controls. NET Framework 3.5, including the new Hash Set collection, Date Time offset support, diagnostics, garbage collection, better thread lock support, and more, are all available to you in your ASP. Whether you are building an AJAX application that uses JSON, providing syndication of your data via RSS, or building a standard SOAP Web service, WCF makes it easy to create your endpoints, and now, with .

    3Dataset objects have XMLXML Support is not provided by Support.datareader. NET includes obtain information from one table collection of Data Tables wherein each or set of tables through join. Difference between Typed Data Set and Untyped Data Set S. 4View state persist the values of Session state persist the data ofparticular page in the clientparticular user in the server. 3Pages are called Pages Pages are called Views 4There is a Life cycle for every There is tailored lifecycle of thepage. By default you wont see theevents when you create the Viewsbut, you can add the Page Loadevent by in a script server tag. called Action methods of the controller.11 Difficult to test the UI Logic MVC is designed to unit test using unit tests.every part of the application. Web user cannot identify a specific view on the server.14 Web requests are reached Web request finally will reach directly to the intendedthe controller. 15 If you rename the web pages You dont need to change the URL, the URL is changedeven if you change the Controller and the View.16 URLS are determined by the You have to define the URL folder structure of the pages formats which are called Routes.

    What are the differences between Data Set and Data Reader? No Data Set Data Reader 1The data store whose records You can read data from datareaderhave to be manipulated can be only if the connection to data storedisconnected. 2You have the provision to cache Caching of data is not fetched from data storewhen using dataset. the data store.7Using Classic ADO, you can Dataset object of ADO. It does not have any extension2Typical example of generic For http handler, page handler handler are creatingwhich serves extension thumbnails of imagesrequest and give response. 3View state information stored Session state information stored inin client only.server. 2Supports Code behind page Supports both Code behind pagecoding & Inline codingcoding & Inline coding but, weshould not use code behind as apractice because view should notperform any logic. You can create the user controls.9Has the limited control over the Since we have no controls and are HTML being generated by writing HTML we have control over various markup.10 Logic is not completely Logic is modularized in methods modularized in pages. Web user cannot the pages on the server.identify a specific view on the server.36.

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